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With over 25 years experience, having taught all disciplines to both children and adults of all levels being very sympathetic and understanding of both you and your horse, recognising training methods that are relevant to yourselves and work. This giving you the confidence to embrace your learning and progress.
Lisa's approach to training is that of finding an understanding between both horse & rider and training riders to use an independent seat and find a 'feel' for your horse, being able to recognise the movement and requirements of your horse, altogether creating a harmonious partnership enabling you to evolve and create something beautiful. Lisa specialises in Horse Intelligence, something she is very passionate about. Having the ability to find and create a bond between yourself and your horse and being able to help educate your horse to have all the basic ground foundations and the more advanced learning. Also specialising in difficult loaders, horse starting and problematic horses.
Lisa has the experience and understanding to help you find a level ground with your horse and create a partnership where both of you understand. This being the foundation to help you progress and achieve your goals, no matter how big or small. 

Flat work
                            (min group of 4 - max 6)               
30 mins    £25.00                                             
45 mins    £47.50                                                                                                                  
1 hour      £50        1 hour   each additional    £10 pp                                                        

Show Jumping
45 mins    £45
1 hour      £55        1 hour   each additional     £12 pp

Grid work
40 mins   £45
1 hour     £55         1 hour   each additional    £10 pp

Gymnastic Pole Work
45 mins    £45        1 hour   each additional    £10 pp

Parelli week.jpg

"WOW... Super lesson. Lisa understood my horse and his quirks. Instead of giving me the same old instruction. She took the time to understand my horse and find a way of working that he and I both understood and wasn't at all forceful. Loved it!"

                                                          Hilary Mathews, West Sussex


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