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Wishing you a happy, healthy and fulfilled New Year
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HRH Equestrian

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Home is where your horse is!!

A perfect royal lifestyle awaits you and your horse here at HRH Equestrian. We are a super friendly yard with super horses and ponies alike based in Shipley, West Sussex. We are surrounded by glorious countryside. Within easy reach of The South Downs, Sands Farm EC, Kithurst, Coomblands EC, and many other popular venues.We have wonderful facilities with a luxurious American barn which offers you and your horse the perfect lifestyle with 5* accommodation that we usually just dream of. We are here to give you the opportunity to live that dream. We offer the best care possible for you and your horse. All of the horses are treated as individuals and according to their own needs and personality. It is a very private and welcoming yard where we are fortunate that all horses and owners settle instantly. The care and attention to detail given to your horse will be second to none. We have 13 oversized stables within the main barn offering a wonderful light and airy bedroom for your horse with a wonderful interior decor to match. The barn offers a stunning softly furnished area for you to get together with your fellow horse friends to catch five minutes or more for a beverage and relax, whilst having your very own horses as artwork. HRH homes over 30 acres of electric fenced, well maintained grazing. We keep our paddocks well maintained and rotate all grazing regularly.  We have not had a winter where we have had to spend long periods in. We always have plenty of grass coverage and no paddocks are left unkempt. We have all year round turnout (24hrs in the summer months if required). It is all very well managed and we have a stringent worming program in place as the overall care of your horse is our main objective. We therefore give regular worm counts and then worming if required. The essential tape worm and insisted red wormers are given as a matter of course or you can opt for a saliva or blood test if you'd prefer.We have a super hot wash area and a solarium to allow you to clip, wash and dry your horse off without them having the chance of catching a chill or just for the pure convenience of being warm on a chilly day. Warm up before and/or after exercise. We run a super efficient, professional and extremely friendly yard, meaning the time you spend with your horse will be relaxing and pleasant at all times....... (Unless the two of you have a misunderstanding, that is)!

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