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HRH Equestrian has been hosting unaffiliated dressage and show jumping shows for quite a time now and not only have they proved to be a great success, we've had the pleasure of meeting some lovely people and their wonderful horses.

We pride ourselves in offering the best facilities with a great selection of top quality jumps and a fantastic dressage set up with superior boards etc. This has allowed a variety of riders to come along and have a go in professional surroundings without any pressure at all. 

I started the shows as when I first competed HRH Derrick we attended a few unaffiliated shows as he was 4 and had never competed before, so I wanted to start off at the beginning and work our way up. He was as green as grass and I was as nervous as can be. The pressure was immense..... Whenever I had mounted Derrick and taken him into the arena, I could here people saying.. "OMG, What is she doing, doing Intro's on that horse" ..... This made me feel completely deflated and as if I shouldn't be there. Despite the fact that he was a baby and it was a possibility that he would do humpy dumpy at any time. So this is when I decided that I would start the shows so that absolutely anyone could have a go... Otherwise, where do you begin your journey with your babies/novice or just plain difficult horse and for the rider that has a super horse but struggles with nerves or pressure? We all have our quirks and our if buts and maybe's and we all deserve to be able to have a go!!! 

We plan the shows so that we cater for the higher level (or should i just say the braver ones of us) and take our classes up to Novice. For all of those with the nerves, please don't panic and come along we have complimentary champagne to settle the nerves and as a celebratory tipple post event.

Please, come along, give it a go and see if you enjoy it!!!!!!!

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