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Loading is something that I am passionate about. It is something that I fell into due to a terrible accident I had with my horse in a lorry on the South Mimms round about with a company I had hired to transport him from Lincoln to London. They had started to travel past our exit. Instead of going around the r/a again they shot off making the sharpest turn. My horse lost his footing and ended up with his leg having gone through the bottom of the lorry just missing the wheel. It was horrendous, this is one of those things that you see write ups in magazines about, not something that happens to me... We eventually got him back onto a lorry with the help of the AA depot. The advise from the vet on scene was for him to do what he could there and to get him to surgery. The poor might was blocked in either side and rear ended up by AA trucks. It was terrible to watch and terrible to see how truly scared he was. 

This is where our journey began and my want and need to introduce him back to the lorry without any undue force or to see him tremble with fear. Don't get me wrong... It took time and some gentle persuasion and he was walking onto the lorry willingly.. This spurred me on to want to help other horses that were fearful of the lorry/ramp or the whole loading process. I have over the years assisted quite a few horses to find their want to load. It has been a few different techniques for individual horses, as each one has it's own worries and reservations therefore something that works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.

I witness so many people forcing their horses onto their lorries/trailers with some quite unorthodox methods as they are either heading to a show and they're going to miss their class or they're at a show and need to get home. I get that we all have our time restraints, but surely, we are better off to have them loading willingly and safely before we attempt the shows. It can be the simplest of things sometimes and the change is simple.  I am more than happy to help you and your horse have a much simpler and pleasurable life....

Please contact me for pricing as each horse will need a different training plan.

After months & months of struggling to load my horse, Lisa, after just one hour, got him walking on to my lorry beautifully. I can't thank her enough for taking away all the stress & upset it was causing me being dragged round the yard every time we went out!!! Two weeks on and we still have no nonsense, he amazing. I would highly recommend Lisa if you're having an difficulties with your horse ~ she's wonderful xx


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