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HRH Equestrian has been a vision and a dream of mine for many, many years.... I had the foresight of 'living the dream' and being able to keep horses in surroundings that only compliment them, whilst creating a super atmosphere for both horse and owner alike. 
After many years of searching, we found the perfect place... This is where the story begins... We have managed to create that vision, that dream and have never looked back.

We are a very close nit family run business being made up of myself (Lisa), my extremely supportive husband Paul, my two wonderful children Matilda, who is now the back bone of the yard & Fergus who will get stuck in and help when needed,  he's the one who likes the machinery and sorts the grounds.
 are all very loyal, supportive, hard working and passionate people, always doing our best for the horses and creating a superb environment for them to live, love and enjoy.  We have all spent many an hour working our fingers to the bone to create what we have today and will continue to do so to enable HRH to grow and evolve into something even more special. 

I am very pleased and honoured to say that we have had wonderful friends and family help us build HRH and continue to help it grow. We have also gained a very wonderful group of friends who have become integral parts of the family and who support us through every day and paying great attention to our show days. As without these people the shows would not be possible, and they see and share my passion in making the shows very welcoming and supportive and a place that like-minded people want to be. Without this sounding like an Oscar speech... I would like to thank every single one of you... (You know who you are). We do suffer a weakness (well some of us), I think of it more of a recreational/celebratory pleasure... Champagne! You will see it pop up on quite a regular basis....

So, there we have it, a brief introduction to HRH Equestrian, who we are and what we're about. I would like to hope that over the years we will make many more friends who will share our passion and travel with us on our journey.


If you wanna find out who's a true friend, throw a challenge their way, invite them on a journey, have them share your passion, involve a horse or two or three or four or more, bring them into your lifestyle and maybe screw up now and again.......then see who sticks around

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