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Massage & Cranialsacral Therapy

Equine Sports Massage ETUK Dip. Equine Cranial Sacral ECS1-6

Trained by Maureen Rogers 

Human Holistic MassageITEC


This lady, in my opinion, is someone a horse owner cannot live without! She is so talented at what she does and makes such a huge impact on every horses life. Through massage and craniosacral wonderful things can be achieved. I have watched her treat horses and seen changes happen before my eyes in certain cases. The long lasting affect of Nikkis treatments on your horse is invaluable for them. These treatments are not only for rehab and helping your horse fix, but also for general well being and maintenance! If you desire a happy, healthy horse, this is definitely the way to go!!! Also, maybe treat yourself! She can help fix your body and encourage straightness and strength whilst riding which again is just another plus for your horse and your riding!!!!!


Craig farrier.jpg



Craig has become a key part in keeping the horses comfortable. I chose to take a new approach to the horses with their feet and with Craigs knowledge we have eventually managed to keep the majority of the horses barefoot which has allowed the horses to find their natural foot balance and in hand allow their bodies to work and stay soft throughout. We still have a few which we are working on to get their feet to a point that we can try them barefoot and hopefully continue along this road. I am so grateful for Craig for listening to me and working witht he horses to get them to this point and maintaining them! He does all of this with a very calm and sympathetic approach to the horses and his work which he adapts to each individuals needs. This makes for very calm and relaxed horses enjoying possibly the best pedicure around! 



Blackdown Equine Clinic


Bruce has been treating my horses for quite a few years now. He has played a key role in keeping all of the horses in tip top condition. He has worked with the various rehab horses that I have (and still have). He has helped deal with many medical issues and my overpowering paranoia of keeping them well and sound. He keeps me very sane and he and his team at Blackdown have got me through some scary and worrying times. This alone is a fabulous talent. Not to mention his calm and kind approach to each horse whilst still getting the job done quickly and efficiently... A great man, with a great team behind him.

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