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We now have vacancies for part and full liveries. We would love to welcome new friends for our horses and humans alike and offer you a wonderful home for your most loved horse(s).

Please feel free to contact with any queries.





From starting horses to continued training, horses that have taken a slight curve ball in their learning and require a little assistance finding their hooves. Ones that have become a little stuffy and/or reluctant in their day to day training and need to find their mojo. We are happy to work with and help any horse with any difficulty and work with owners to enable you to continue their training once home, be it groundwork or ridden. If you are in need, please get in touch and we will work a plan that suits both your horse and yourself.




We are able to offer a fantastic service alongside our training livery or as a specific need for rehabilitation. Having a phenomenal group of therapist experts that dependant on your horses needs will help them on their way to fixing either behavioural, lameness and/or body issues. These professionals are on board to help us understand them much more with and throughout their training or rehab.

See professionals page for a list of these amazing people.


Livery: £155 per week

Training - ridden: £50 per hr

Groundwork: £45 per hr

Lunging: £35 per hr

Long reining: £40 per hr

We will create an exercise plan that will work for each individual horse and their needs.