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Every horse is different so time specification and needs may vary, but most horse owners have found that by using the solarium for approximately 15 minutes relaxes your horses' muscles and helps tremendously with any re-hab and/or ongoing physio.

It can be used to quickly dry, wet or damp horses which can avoid muscle damage, tightening up and chills - Also, ideal for clipping as you and your horse get to have the benefit of the warm, keeping your horses' muscles nice and relaxed, therefor his mindset.

During winter days when sunshine is limited and horses are stabled more, regular light therapy sessions can be used to help your horses health and wellbeing.

If you are a livery or attending HRH for a lesson, clinic or any other. Using the solarium 15 minutes before exercise (to warm and prepare your horses muscle), then following up with another dose after exercise (to help break down the lactic acid that causes muscles to tighten and pull) to be extremely beneficial.

15 minute session -  £5.00
30 minute session - £10.00
45 minute session - £15.00
55 minute session - £18.00


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