We are very fortunate that with have a super 60 x 30 arena with a fantastic surface which gives the perfect ride for any discipline from dressage, show jumping, arena eventing, rallies and anything else you can put its way. We are equally as fortunate that it is rideable in all weathers from, rain, frost to blistering heat. It fairs well in all weathers. The school is perfect for clinics involving more than one rider or having an individual lesson with plenty of space.

Booking for 1hr slots

Single rider £15 ph

2 riders: £25 ph

3 riders: £35 ph

4 riders: £40 ph

5 riders: £45 ph


Booking for 1hr slots

Single rider £25

2 riders £35

3 riders £45

4 riders £50

5 riders £55


Booking for 1hr slots

Single rider £30 ph

2 riders £40 ph

3 riders £50 ph

4 riders £55 ph

5 riders £60 ph

"What an amazing atmosphere, friendly people, great facilities and lots of help at hand if we needed it."