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I have been very fortunate and very blessed to have been offered a Pure Talent Rider position with The Pure Feed Company. This is a feed that I have been using for over a year now and the difference it has made to my horses is phenomenal. The proof in the pudding as to how wonderful the food is, is the improvement it has made on HRH Kenneth. He was fed on this from the day he arrived and has allowed him to gain superb condition without any extra 'fizz'.

My involvement in the Pure Feed Talent Rider scheme will hopefully prove to be 

both beneficial to myself and to the Pure Feed Company, giving us both the opportunity to get out there and be seen and achieve great things. I

will hopefully have all of the horses and ponies out competing this season in their own disciplines and achieve many successes and goals for 2017!!

A massive 'THANK YOU' to Pure Feed for the opportunity............

I am delighted to introduce to you my wonderful new sponsors. Whicker!! This is a relatively new company that I have to say has changed the quality of my life with there product. It is something that you would never think about, but I have to say will save us a fortune. 'Keep it UNDER your HAT!' Liners that you simply place in your hat and they will take up the moisture from your slight perspiration of your head and then you can dispose of them once they have reached the end of their life and replace with a new one. Thus, keeping your hat (your expensive necessity) fresh and prolonging its life. Not having to out on that hideously smelly, stained hat on a daily basis. I

know, this is great, isn't it. It doesn't end there..... Not only does it save you replacing your hat, they are cheap to buy and last you quite a while (dependent on how many horses/or how long you ride per day). 

I am also delighted to tell you that this amazing product will be offered for sale through our on line shop soon and you can also contact Whicker directly I really cannot tell you how amazing they are. You'd may as well buy 1 pack to share with your friends and colleaugues to try them out and you can see for yourself!!

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