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Accepting redundancy! A great day out!

A different day for me! I'm on light duties but had to drive. We head off to Coombelands for a practice run. Matilda is doing the 90cm & 1m to see how they get on.

Her and Me P are still relatively new to competing in this discipline as I had to be 100% confident that she knew exactly what she was doing and able to do it with style, composure, professionalism and a real love and connection with Mr P and being able to give him the confidence he needs...

We arrive, all of the friends meet up. (This is something Matilda has always missed out on and it's so lovely). They head off to walk the course, I meet Mollys Dad 'Ian'. Thanks for the afternoon company and laughs. We managed to entertain ourselves with great chat, then being joined by his wife 'Jody', Kate, Hilary and eventually hubby Paul. (It took him an awful long while to venture out of the lorry into the blistering winds). We all had a lovely time trying to follow the running order and watch all of the girls jump super rounds. Paul did ask if it was safe for Matilda to ride as the wind was so strong and she could get blown off or P spook and fall off! He was deadly serious too! He had a rough viewing a couple of weeks previous with me and it's definitely scarred him and made his lack of love for horses even stronger 😬

Myself & Ian did wonder if we should check that Matilda & Molly were on and ready as her class was starting, to then see her and Molly trotting down to the warm up. All other competitors took a nice leisurely amble... but not our girls 🙈 but on the plus side, they've sorted themselves out and are on their way!

We watch on as the girls do super rounds and all come out with smiles. Matilda heads in and it's going beautifully... until... there a definite horse eating monster behind one of the fences and Mr P is going nowhere near it 🤷🏻‍♀️ This tends to be game over as once he says no, he generally means it. But low and behold, third attempt and Matilda has successfully somehow ridden her socks off and coaxed him over. The rest of the round is super and they've done a stirling job and come out with smiles! 😁

In for the 1m. Hoping to goodness that Mr P has forgotten that the fence may eat him 🤞🏻

She gets going and the canter needs more umph and jump... as if on cue, there it is and over the first they go. A lovely rhythm and great composure from Matilda and holding Mr P together wonderfully. We're approaching 'the fence', wow! Matilda is now really riding and Mr P has flown over and also stepped up a gear. 🙈 This is great for the comp but not for my nerves. My butt cheeks are clenching and I'm watching on with absolute pride as they finish a pretty much foot perfect round! 🥰

we wait in the blistering wind for the class late runners to go and then for the results. I catch up with another friend Tracey which is making my social day even nicer. 🤗

Results are up! Matilda has won the class!! So, so pleased for her as she rode beautifully and has worked hard to be able to do what she does in such a big, powerful horse who as much as you wouldn't think is not an easy ride. But they've found their connection and are doing so well! I'm so happy she's loving it. Even now I am the redundant parent which I love but not sure I love. I will have to accept it with grace and sit back and watch their partnership flourish!!!

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