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Show day fun and successes

Well what a lead up to the possibly the coldest and iciest Dressage day to date.. The pressure was on, we need to keep the school manageable... What a team we have proven to be. Between my hubby, John, Hana and Kimberley, the school was harrowed over the few days leading up to the show to within an inch of its life! Did it work? Yes it did!!!! I was soo pleased that the show could go ahead and we had a fantastic turnout. Hot drinks and bacon butties were playing a huge part in the day as well as the signature bubbles.

Everyone that attended had a superb time and rode amazingly. We had such a fun day and met quite a few new people who we will hopefully see again.

We had some supa tests with fantastic results. It's so lovely to see everyone taking part and improving on their tests every time.... Here's to seeing the improvements at our next date.. Sunday 5th February 2017.

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