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HRH Kenneth - What a day :-)!!!

Well what a day.... a super hack out on HRH Maggie to blow the cobwebs away with super company; Hana & HRH Strider and Hilary & Muffin. All ponies behaved impeccably and a lovely time had.

We then get back to the yard with all intent and purpose to attempt to long rein Kenneth (In the pony barn for precautionary measures). So we can try and get him to move forward willingly and to do this whilst accepting the bit and not wanting to fly backwards at 200 mph.

So we're tacked up accordingly, (with Hana's nifty lunge line holders) and we're off. Out of the barn we get, prepare ourselves and within this time, he is being a dream... so,we scrap the pony barn idea and head off down the driveway... Crikey, a few calls and a little jump, this is going VERY well! Ok, we head on through the gate and continue down the driveway (all still well under control). We reach the bottom of the driveway and the decision is made to continue. We turn onto the road, he can smell all of the mares in the neighbouring fields (has a mini meltdown, but nothing to worry about)... We strive on to then have one of the neighbours riding up towards us on their mare, Yes Kenneth has clocked her and having a little 'Oh crap, I don't know what to do with myself' moment. It's all over very quickly and we proceed. All the way down the road, lots of halt transitions and homeward bound. Cars, vans, horses and what a star he was!!! We reach home, Myself and Hana let of a huge sigh of relief and are both beaming from ear to ear..... What a cracking success for him to accept the bit more than anything and do it so well. He was licking and chewing 90% of the time and was a very chilled out boy. Keep this up and we will be out there a great deal sooner than planned.....

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