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First day out of the season #Tweseldown #Cross country #HRH Equestrian #Best fun with HRH Maggie #Gr

What a cracking day.... We kept it under wraps as were't sure if we'd make it or not!!!

We set off, bubbles on board and picking up my lovely friend who was stood waiting by the side of the road :-) (Little orphan Annie)....

The sat nav isn't on our side as it takes it the longest way possible out avoiding the usual 'quick' route.. If only we knew where we were going. So out comes the home made Victoria sponge... thanks to the lovely Katie Treasure... scrummy it was...

We near reach our destination, I have to abandon the car & trailer in the car park for Karl to park as i had been crossing my legs for many miles... Phew..... We are a little late, so we send the group off without us and we'll catch up... You guessed it... The bubbles were open and a quick glug to get us on our way.

We join the group and as soon as we arrive its straight to it... Little fences popped and then a not so lovely drop, but we take it in our stride and even nanny another horse down it a few times.

Katie is on a roll and Fraggle is flying, making mince meat of everything in front of them..

The afternoon goes on... we reach the dreaded water and my mouth has gone a little dry as this is where my little tumble was last season........ We're in and we're out!!! BOOM!! Biggest fear of the day over, so we do a few jumps around the water, over the duck and in and out over another... pleased as punch and little Maggie didn't bat an eyelid. We went on to do many more, A sunken road, more drops and steps flowers, mushroom corners, you name it we did it and I have to say... pretty well with the lovely Katie either not far behind or ahead! I am soooo proud of Katie for

No.1: Coming out

No.2: Facing her biggest fears


We both did a cracking job, met some wonderful people and had just a fabulous time. All warmed up and ready for our first event at in a couple of weeks. I can't wait... A little apprehensive as it'll be a big and busy one.. but hey......I've got to start somewhere....

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