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A day out @Compton #Crosscountry #HRHEquestrian #Happydays #Horselife #Goodfriends #HRHMaggieMae

Well... we ventured on a day put to play ponies..Needing to blow off some steam! So who do I call? My buddy Katie TJ... Trustee as ever, she's back on the roadside waiting for her lift to arrive..

After me sending midnight emails to a couple of cross country courses (of which both replied to in the dead of the night(clearly, it's not just me that doesn't sleep)). We choose Compton as it's so relaxed and a super hack if you choose not to jump.

We arrive in Lisa & Katie style, chilled and taking it all in our stride as are our steeds. Pay for the course, have a little chat with a couple that have just returned from their ride having had a great time. On we get and off we go... venturing up a chalk track and meeting our first line of jumps.....

We've warmed up along the track so take a steady canter up to the first and over we go, a nice welcoming jump, towards the second, we have a choice of the smaller tires or the dble row, Maggie heads for the dbl and over she goes. It's all going well so we have a little videoing moment.. which proves to be hilarious. If only anyone could see us... Imagine the Dawn French sketch but in the middle of the open countryside with the addition of some solid obstacles. Laugh..... OMG....... We venture on and take on all of the jumps, the ground is great and it's a great pace... Despite the video intervals :-)

We have been going a distance, we approach a lovely yet a little technical line, Maggie flies taking it all in her stride whilst Fraggle aka Weapon has decided to stick in a cheeky little stride and take off like a harrier jet... This is where I realise that you need good friends at times like these as I cannot breathe... how she sat to that, I'm still not too sure. It was hilarious and especially impressive... We gather ourselves together and we have a great long gallop to the next section. We stop mid gallop deciding to film ourselves in gallop, as hilarious as this was and we thought it was awesome and would be great.. It's actually crap footage to watch, but fun trying.... We're nearing the end of the course, both of us having jumped bigger fences than we thought we would having conquered fears of skinnies and basically big jumps.. I can safely say, 'We smashed it' we amble back to the car park congratulating ourselves on our very brave efforts and having a bloody awesome day with great friends.. even if we did just chat s**t for the 2 and a bit hours we were out and laughed to the point of possibly should have worn a tena lady!!!! My face is hurting and we have put the world to rights whilst laughing continuously - A recipe for perfection!!! What a great place to go and with great ponies and friend... loved it!!! Here's to our next adventure and our first event!!! Cannot wait!!!!! xxxxx

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