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Can it get better than this?.....

What a week so far!!!! On Monday I take big D to Liphook for his lameness assessment after over 1yr off!!!! Come Wednesday, he is coming home with a green light to go ahead and start work!!! AAARRRGGHH!!>>> I cannot believe it!

We then get to take HRH Chuki for his first ride out since he's had his neck re injected. This alone, we never thought would happen as they didn't want to inject it first time and the initial vet could only ask me 'if I had mortality insurance?'.... (Which I didn't take well)!! So here he is jumping out of his field and flying full pelt down the track having Big D used as a body block to stop him in his track and then to be strutting down the road doing his attempt at passage... Loving life and loving him!!!!

Then today was the pinnacle........After the months of playing with Golden Balls, it's time..... After my dice with death in the hawthorn hedge and his issues with contact... On I get...(Maybe a little bit of sick in my mouth, but not as much as Hana (She's seeming a lot more nervous than me)) We negotiate the mounting block, pray for him not to hump before my feet are safely in the pedals... I'm on and all is good with Hana not far from my side.... WOW! WOW! WOW! He was unbelievably awesome!!!! We went out for a short hack and then a blast in the school and he worked, he really worked and it was possibly one of the most satisfying feelings I've had in a very long time!!!

SO... to sum it all up..... HRH is on fire and we are loving the horses, loving the sunshine and loving life!!! That is all....... On wards and upwards........

Check out Golden Balls after being on Pure Feed - He is looking the dogs......

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