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#DressageChampionshipShow #HRHEquestrian #Horses #Dressage #Success #Fun

Such a a fantastic show!!! We had a super turnout, lots of bubbles ingested and many happy people and horses....

The classes were super and the rosettes even more so ...(I know, that's hard to believe, but they were)!! Trophies to all classes and fantastic prizes for the Champion... A stunning show rug, saddle cloth, stunning rosette, sash, £100 cash prize, a delectable bottle of Rose Veuve and a Championship cup!! Could you wish for more? I don't think so..... Our deserved winner was the lovely Maddy Harding and Luckier 'Gucci' and what very humble winners they were.......

It has been an absolute watching Maddy and Gucci grow in confidence, style and ability over the series and to see them be able to take home the title makes what we're trying to achieve come to life and be very worth while!!!

The best way to make me smile and another was to receive a magnum of bubbles and some delightful glasses as a thank you gift.... Flabbergasted and delighted and extremely thankful...

Our summer series begins in April as does the jumping.... Becoming even more excited

#MaddyHarding #LucieHarding

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