• Lisa Marshall

What a makeover! #Makeover #Striderpants #lookingawesome #happydays #lovinglife #HRHEquestrian #moti

Today started off with many computer chores and getting things published for advertising the HRH Events... Which we are very excited for!

Then the part of the day that I enjoy the most..., heading down to the yard. Set out to ride them all..... but the job of clipping the fat, black, hairy one became much more of a priority. I have been asking Hana to do it for years, but she was taken with the long mane and feathers... I know Strider of old... well, since he was a v bad mannered adolescent whom I had the pleasure of taking home from my sisters to start him with kindness and and give him a great educational foundation to learn more from. At this point he had been with me a few weeks and he became the stunning boy that we have transformed him back to today..... As lovely and as silky as that mane and tail were, the pleasure of seeing it go and thinned out was indescribable. The simple fact that he must feel awesome!!

So the clippers start with the mane and we take it slowly to get to the hairy legs.. I think Hana is becoming quite accustomed to it......... The feathers start to go and he is looking absolutely reem!!! I am so excited... I cant wait for the finished result. Hana is starting to mellow (she was feeling very anxious at the start). After quite a while, we are done and he is more handsome than I remember... A fine stamp of a horse (Even more so when that tummy has reduced/lifted). Then comes the tail, he has the equivalent of four horses tails.. It must weigh an absolute tonne. So here we go.... we take a portion of the sides away and it's still looking MASSIVE... a little more and I'm now starting to get a little nervous.... It is a very thick tail! We stand and check it out for a while, I pull the edges out like wings saying this is really what we need to take away (It is again, the amount of a normal horses tail).. Shockingly, Hana agrees. So here goes we take it off and trim it to a stunning hunter tail!!! OH MY!!! ARE WE PLEASED? ARE WE GRINNING FROM EAR TO EAR? IS STRIDER FEELING LIKE A NEW HORSE?.....................HELL YES!!!!!! We take him for a super hot scrub and let him dry off in the sunshine.....

May I now proudly introduce HRH Strider!!! Soon to be in fitness training to achieve more personal goals for Hana............. Loving the HRH spirit and motivation........ I may even steal him for a few jollies.........

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