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It's all been so fun packed............


We've done so much and there's sooo much to catch up on.....

After our very eventful HRH trip out to the showing show we have held numerous clinics, dressage, show jumping, DTM, pony parties, BYRDS away stay for Matilda, beach ride and a few adventures for HRH Maggie Mae!

Our last day trip out was a very last minute decision to Horsham Show with HRH Maggie Mae and HRH Bronhuelog Cherry.

We arrived late to the yard still not sure if we should go or not as were all a little jaded for the nights and days previous. The decision was made and all hands on to bath the ponies, clean tack and be gone in time for our classes. (Not quite sure how this was going to happen, but we were going to try)! Hana, was making it happen, no matter what!

All loaded up and off we go..... Tiddly um tum tum....

We arrive with what we think as not much time to spare, so both ponies are prepped and we are away. Cherry booked into the In hand M&M and Maggie into the Small Ridden Hunter.. (No, we've never done it before and it was a very quick learning process for Maggie with a double bridle (luckily for me, she was very accepting of it))...

We wait for Cherry's class and in we go... It is huge!! There are a lot of ponies to get through and I'm now very aware that it's going to clash with my ridden class. We do a lot of walking, trotting (running in my case... YES RUNNING)!! This goes on for quite a while and off we go for our walk round for the pull in. The stunning grey stallion gets pulled in 1st, the usual champion, gets pulled in 2nd and our little Chezzabelle gets 3rd!!!! What a little superstar... Against a lot of ponies and some stunning ones at that, she held her own!!!! One very proud Mummy!!!!

Having scurried out of the arena and my wonderful little lady Matilda taking Cherry, the equally as wonderful Katie having all of my clothes lined up ready for me to change into (Little did I realise I would be doing this literally there and then ( Apologies to those that may have seen my wobbly bits... never a pretty site)). The lovely Stacey has been warming Maggie up for the entirety of my class with Cherry, so she is ready to go. I get on and have a little warm up and practice working her with the double. She's a little stiff on her left rein, but starting to soften and release a little). In we go.... I'm not too sure on what's supposed to be occurring, then I realise and recall that after my jolly around looking pretty. (Which I have to say, I quite enjoyed) that the judge was getting on..... Oh god!!! good luck Mr judge... she is not the ideal horse to give the judge the best ride and there's always that chance of her giving a little buckaroo when mounted. I do explain to Mr Judge her past and her quirks and then wish him luck on his way...... Well, he returns and is extremely complimentary and is very impressed with the work that has been done and the ride she gave him..... Back on I get, (realiseing how grateful I am for my Whicker hat liner as my head is absolutely wet through in the extreme heat. it doesn't matter though as my hat is protected and will be as fresh as a daisy when I next use it)! head off for my walk around and there it is.... Maggie is pulled in to win her class and to have a very pretty rosette, a qualification card and a super silver rose bowl!!! Very happy days and proof is in the pudding that HRH Team work is what makes the dream work!!

Massive thanks to @TheUltimateRidingHatLiner and Pure Feed for helping keep me and my horses in tip top condition......

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