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Such an exciting day...........

Yesterday was I day I won't forget in a hurry !!!! My morning starts with being allowed to ride a super Grand Prix horse.. This filled me with both excitement and dread....

I arrive and my tummy is turning, not wanting to ride and not do him justice and make myself look like a complete and utter tit!!

Oh man... my turn has come... Up I mount and away I go..... I have a warm up and accustom myself to him and him to me and our surroundings.. Wow... I am just loving this!! What a phenomenal trot with some super lateral work. Then, we take a bolder move and ask for a canter..... WOW! WOW! WOW! This is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I am literally grinning from ear to ear... We try for canter half pass.. OH MY WORD!! We actually nail it.. Then after a few more amazing movements we go for canter pirouette... OMG!! I am actually bricking it..... But, do you know what.... WE DID IT!!!!! Possibly not the smallest or the neatest, nut pretty impressive and we didn't look like a tit!!!!!!

I have to say, that I have not smiled like that on a horse in a very long time!! I cannot thank everyone enough for giving me such an opportunity. I loved it, and I think my self preservation is still intact!!!!!

My day then just gets better and better.... I have lots of wonderful and exciting things to look forward to......

Then to top off my day....... I have a call from a lovely lady saying that she thinks she has my cat. (He has been gone for months(said lady had called weeks back saying she thinks she may have seen him)). Then, she has a visit from two guys in a black pick up truck who knock on the door stating that they have her cat. As they are launching Champagne (cat) into her porch way, she is telling them that the cat is not hers. They had no interest in this and the said lovely gents jumped back in their truck and drove off. So hear we have it.... Champagne is now home and seeming to be very settled!!! The sad thing is, Champagne has a micro chip and his original collar (although his tag a fallen off on his journey). A simple trip to the vets months ago and Champagne could have been home so much sooner!!!!!!

WELCOME HOME CHAMPAGNE!!!! Here's to a fabulous day and hopefully many more!!!!!!!

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