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The Jinja Mares' have had a weekend of fun and results!

We had a day of preparing the horses on Saturday – Mr P needed a spa day and a clip (which he has never been keen on and last year was his best to date) Allowing me to clip him straight out with the big boy clippers and was super relaxed and content. The Jinja’s had bathed him and prepped him and then I have the little Jinja come in and say “He’s all done and ready”. OMG!!! There is no way he’s allowed them to clip him, is there? Well… yes there is!! He is literally all done, the big Jing has fully clipped him out whilst the little Jinge plaited, I was and still am a little gob smacked. My big boy Mr P has turned a huge corner and the trust and belief he has in us now is something else! I am so flipping proud of the Jinja Mares and him!

So with prep done for Mr P, we turn our attention to Blobalob. He is still a little sore through his back, so he will be staying home and Borisime will have to stand in. Big Jinja is now squealing with excitement and Mr B is going to have to pull it out of the bag.

Sunday is upon us and our first challenge is to get the Borisime loaded as he really isn’t keen. He knocks that one out of the park and he’s on and we’re off.

Great journey, Madi aka Big Jinja is on and warming up. He starts off ok and then he is really not making the experience a pleasurable one. He is testing every boundary and making the Jinja’s work.

We persevere and head into their class. I can see it’s not easy and he’s not too relaxed. The thing is, he moves so well and has such presence, if she can hold him together, they’ll do ok… They finish, and a massive sigh of relief! An alright test and he didn’t explode which was good.

Scores are on the doors, and he’s come 6th with not a shameful percentage 61.3%. Well done Big Jinja!!!

Time for the Intro to canter – the warm up was even more challenging and they had a pretty tough time. We decide not to stress him out any more in there and just go for the test and whatever will be will be.

They head off and he’s doing ok-ish.. still a little stressed, but some good work and as much as we think it’s not the best as we know he is capable of so much more. We are surprised with the result of 5th place with 63.09% My goodness, that horse is stunning and Big Jinja rode him well!!

It’s now time to get the big man and the Little Jinja to the party!!

Matilda and Mr P arrive with not too much time to warm up, but they’re in and doing a super job. Matilda has some movement with her hands and needs to settle. They’re working great otherwise. Time to go in and it looks a lovely test, the most rhythmical and relaxed in a long time. Judge was not too keen, as P had some slight head wiggle which took him to a very respectable 5th with 69.09% Certainly can’t argue with that! Good job little Jinja, but let’s sort that hand out!!

We go back to the warm up, every time that hand moves, I give a little reminder. This doesn’t go down too well with the little Jinja and she becomes a little frustrated. We got over it and we move on. Into the class and he’s a little too forward as she's desperately trying to keep the hand from wiggling (no idea where this has come from). A nice test though and I was super pleased with her. They showed some lovely work, and he was a lot more relaxed over his back. Taking them to 2nd with 65.38%/

What a day and super results. A lot to work on and we will hopefully better those scores next time!!

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