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When it doesn't always go to plan!!!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

This isn't what you expect when heading out to do the school run. It's already the school run with a difference. The Jinja Mares head out on their trusty transport steed 'Strider' to collect the smaller man of the house from his hard day at school. They start by having to go over the road coverings at the bottom of the drive and cones and barriers which he was a super star with, to then continue a steady stroll as always. The little man is on board and they're starting to head home. A lovely amble and onto the home straight and can you believe it... they have a blow out!

This is when who they are as little people defines them... Instead of expecting Strider to pull a cart with a blown-out tyre and making that a really tough job for him and avoiding further damage to the cart, they unhitch, and Big Jinja & Fergus take on the task of pulling the cart the remainder of the way home and little Jinja has now got a very confused Strider, who wasn't too impressed of not having his vehicle of choice behind him. He grew a few hands with a dragon impersonation too until he realised that all was ok and took a nice walk home with the Jinja Mares', Fergus and cart in tow!!

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