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Awesome Day @HRHEquestrian #Goldenballs #AkhelTheke #Stallion #Crosscounrtry #jumping #Nanny @Muntea

A cracking day again!! This morning we took HRH Kenneth aka Golden balls out for a play. (First time on the surface for over 2 months)...WOW!!! Did he surprise us?! Hana took control of the lunge whilst I could stand back in awe of the difference, improvement and happiness of this gorgeous boy. He absolutely loved it, he had a little blip but worked very hard and happily. The HRH Golden Balls were well and truly Golden today :-)

Then came Maggie Mae's turn, in she comes for a little bit of pampering for the up and coming season and then off we go for a lovely afternoon out to Munstead with Kim and Callie to help nanny Callie over her first solid obstacles. We headed for the 60cm to give her little coiled spring body and cocaine head come to terms with them.... This didn't last for long, she had a few moments of not a chance but soon settled and was following myself and Maggie quite happily.

We pick up a bit of speed and start jumping some continuous and technical lines and there she is right behind me loving every minute!!! We take a curve ball and start jumping the 90's and low and behold... they're still behind m and I have to say some were pretty damn big and I even had a little bit of sick in my mouth... (I'm sure Kim did announce that she may have wee'd a little. Here's hoping she had the tena lady)). We ended on a massive high and having smashed what we'd set out to achieve. SOOOOO PROUD!!! I get just as much if not more satisfaction out of being able to help others and witness them achieving and smashing their personal goals!!!

A perfect chilled, relaxed and day out with a very successful introduction of Callie to the fences

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