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My Eventful day Eventing...... Mmmmm!!!

What a build up to this event I have had...... After Tweseldown, Maggie had taken a little knock to one of her hinds - Although she isn't lame she is uncomfortable and not able to attend. She just isn't 100%... So I had resided myself to the fact that we had to withdraw.

I was then (very kindly) offered another horse to take.... even though I was very apprehensive as I'd never ridden this lovely boy before... Arrrggh! But no, I can do this! Come on Lisa...... So, I sort everything out head on down to pick the lovely boy up, plait him and make him look sparkly and nice, go to load him up and he has a little fumble at the bottom of the ramp and I couldn't quite believe it ............... He pulls a shoe, not completely off nor on but beautifully twisted... So after a bit of banging and reshaping he is OK to be unloaded... Can you actually believe it??!!!! NO!!!! I was clearly destined not to be competing there today! So no exciting tails to tell you today post event but the trials and tribulations of trying to get there........

Here's the lovely boy that was going to take me......

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