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It's been too long.............

Wow!!! Where do I begin?....MAY...... What a month it's been and here's the start............... Approximately 10 weeks ago I took a fall from the Big D and landed up with a bit of a squashed face full of sand and a hunomgous haematoma which is still with me but easing. So with my time out, I have had lots of fun on the ground grooming for the girls whilst having the most amount of fun......

Our first venture out was to a showing show and all of the ponies were looking superb. We had HRH Maggie, HRH Strider, HRH Scooby & HRH Fraggle. We entered the showing classes and some of us a little more exuberant than others and great results had by all !!! We were about to leave the showground with all of our rosettes and a little girl was waiting in the gymkhana field just waiting for someone to apple bob against.... After a very short discussion 3 of the girls (the exuberant pony had to take a rain check) stepped up for a bit of a race... OMG!!!! Had this little girl known what she was letting herself in for she may have not asked...Had she realised these were the 3 most competitive and 2 of them VERY EXPERIENCED apple bobbers!! Good god... when that 'GO' was announced, all hell was let loose. We've thrown ourselves from horses to dismount, rammed heads in buckets and they're away.... Hana was having a little issue with the apple, but still storming home in 3rd place. Whereas, Katie and Stacey meant business, battling for first and second place.. I didn't know it was possible to apple bob at such speed. Luckily the little girl wanted a green rosette as it matched her matchy matchy bits.... PHEW!!! After much noise, bedlam and excitement we headed home very happy with cracking pics......

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