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Core blimey - that was a day…

Updated: Mar 29

Our x-country training day out...

Cor blimey, we've had an adventure. What was a simple day out x-country training. There's never a dull moment! 🤣

So, we've booked Munstead 10-12 (un beknown to me) I thought we'd got the afternoon slot as I'd requested Matilda to do. So the night prior she announces that we've got Munstead @ 10:00. I'm like, no way! I'm jet lagged from our trip away and the yard needs sorting & finishing before we go anywhere... Morning comes, I've Night Nursed myself to sleep as hadn't slept Since being home, had the best sleep EVER and into the morning (which is unheard of) to have Matilda clattering around me to announce we need to leave as we have to get to Munstead. ARE YOU KIDDING?! It's already 9:40. Poor Terri who's accompanying us is clearly waiting (very patiently) to go, not knowing any of what's gone on behind closed doors.

So, I quickly get ready head on out like a groggy mess and we load up and head off...

We arrive 11:15 ish, quick tack up and off we go!

We start with a couple of warm up fences and all horses and humans are flying!

Terri and the little pocket rocket 'Rocky' are literally on fire and they start heading off and smashing everything in site. Matilda & Mr P are also doing so well until we approach the ditch 🤦🏻‍♀️ He didn't like it! (Never had an issue before, but this one he's not keen on). So the lovely Terri & the pocket rocket led him over like a dream. He had a major issue with the owl hole too, which again was led over. He still wasn't too keen, so we had to have a few attempts and for him to find his confidence from Matilda. It took a while, but they smashed it!

Terri had gone - flying into the distance taking it all in her stride. Matilda & P catch them up, it took myself Madi & Henry (the dog) a little longer. We meet up with them again to see Mr P saying no again (this is so not in his character, but they're still a new partnership and as I repeatedly told Matilda... She needs to ride right up to and over the fence, he may have talent, but he's by no means a push button ride. (Which she found out pretty quickly). The 'NO' from Mr P was the dreaded drop fence!!! This is Mr P's nemesis. (He's had a pretty bad experience over a drop (probably a nasty rotational at his 3* which is how he became available to his previous owners, and now us. We found this out at our first event and he was literally prettified when we approached a large drop and he just crumbled. At this point he had a Pat and we retired. Me never really asking it if him again, until yesterday, with my daughter on board)🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ don't ask! Well, he obviously said no, even after a lead, so super star Rocky and Terri keep coming and he eventually takes his leap of faith... OMG! I'm about sobbing! I am so bloomin' proud of the pair of them. Matilda listened to all instruction and rode him beautifully, filling him with the confidence and compassion he needed to be able to face his absolute fear! He went on jumped a few more and finished on the bigger one. Proud doesn't cut it!!

We move on, we've now caught up with Terri who's jumping within her comfort zone. Oh no, no, no! We may come out to enjoy, take a few comfort fences, but we then need to push ourselves out of that to achieve a little more. So unfortunately for her, I'm there and requesting the 90cm fences. Both horse and rider are more than capable, just need to find the strength within and control the nerves. They are smashing it, we get to a much wider fence which she's clearly worried about and we have a stop... oh no, come on, we can do it. We take a moment, gather ourselves, jump the smaller and then straight back around to the 90cm with a perfect jump!!

What an achievement for both. We ended with a play in the water, which Mr P enjoyed a little too much 😬🤦🏻‍♀️

A great hour had and we head back, load up and go to pull out. I've checked my mirrors and then all of a sudden there's a palomino backside level with my window. Jees, that could have been horrible! 😫 The lady returning to her box had obviously seen we were about to leave, still took her horse into the smallest of gaps as we were pulling out. My goodness, we were so lucky that we were going so slowly! My heart was in my mouth, I'm sweating and just in absolute shock.

All is good, horse is ok, lady wouldn't acknowledge me, so not much we could do there.

We continue on our journey, the narrow roads upon us and a single decker bus is coming towards us, it's all looking very narrow, so we stop, we are alongside the bus, pull all of our mirrors in and inch by inch creep forwards. No! It's not working, we're going to be attached 🤦🏻‍♀️ FFS!! Can there be anything else? Thankfully, we have a lovely bus driver, but I now need to get out and ask all of the cars behind the bus (there were quite a few) to reverse so that the bus could reverse to the corner where there was no wall and it would allow us to pass safely. A gentleman had also got out of his car and was giving a helping hand.

All cars reversed, I ran back to the lorry as the bus reversed and we managed to get by. The bus driver was wonderful as were the passengers, waving, thumbs up and kisses blown. A couple of grumps in their cars, but ce la vi, we're out, past and safe!

I'm happy to say, the remainder of the journey was pretty boring in comparison, but safe at least!

I'm pleased to say, we arrived home safe and sound!!!

What a day!!! Fantastic horses and riders with huge achievements and not getting stressed when under pressure!!

Loving it!!

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